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I guess you can say this is a follow up to my previous blog regarding some neat resources you could use for CSS. Although this will include more about my own progression and some habits I’ve taken up through learning working with stylesheets, I will still go over more tips about CSS Grid Layout (aka “Grid”) and why I’ve chosen to take a deeper dive into this display layout.

On a side note, I am completely skipping Flexbox in this article which is another very popular layout method that’s one-dimensional. It seems weird to leap over it as most people…

It’s almost the end of another month and what is personally my favorite week of coding Bootcamp, Project Week. This is what I’ve been waiting for; getting the chance to build a Web App from the ground up using all the knowledge I’ve accumulated thus far. It’s an intimidating feat for any newcomer to programming but it’s also the pure excitement and motivation to see the finished product of something you pushed to create.

Once the project pairs were given out, the journey began. My partner and I wasted no time and began to tackle each step to forging our…

Hi there, my name’s Matt. I’d like to throw out there that this is my first blog post ever and I hope that it will be the first of many. This article will be about a habit I find absolutely necessary when you begin learning to code. Yep, I’m talking about the glory that is READMEs.

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What I had to remind myself the first week of coding Bootcamp.

At the time of writing this article, I am attending Flatiron’s software engineering program. Throughout the rigorous first few weeks of learning and retaining as much knowledge as I can, I’ve learned both good and bad habits through the experience thus far. Being a…

Matt Ogtong

Software Engineering Student at Flatiron

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